Train Your Brain- The Ultimate Answer

Can you train your brain to become smarter by any chance? Recent publications in papers that have gathered evidence from the most respected peer reviewed scientific magazines prove, unfortunately, that intelligence, remains stable despite those hours of mundane tasks designed to help you think more effectively. Shame, isn’t it? Any chance you might have had at growing a better brain was when you were the young kid in need of constant (?) stimulation so here not only the genetics played any part, but also the nurture, or your primary caretakers, responsible for delivering the right tools for the young brain to develop. What of those people whose lives were marred by some traumatic blowns to the head, strokes, and cognitively challenged seniors? It seems that while the intelligence industry is largely off -key here with some unsubstantiated claims, the crux of the whole matter lies elsewhere.

Is There any Hope?

Now dozens of testimonials have put aired or published by those thousands of people who had a chance at doing anything possible to help their child not be left behind or themselves suffered as victims of a serious accident that left them at the mercy of the specialist teams and their own will. Those who emerged victorious recall the early days and then months as hazy with a foggy brain, unable to move too much, incapacitated to the point of disappearing into the oblivion. In view of their accounts are you still a keen believer in the power of the mind or are rather point out that it is more about the quality, rehabilitation to the level of functioning prior to the traumatic occurence, but with slim hope of ever elevating the cut and dry IQ score to some dramatic heights? It has to do with the brain sculpting, billions of neurons firing off and communicating more readily than before. So what Einstein was not considered a genius at school if his thinking was largerly down to the proverbial outside the box phenomena, and yet somehow, he proved entirely capable of providing scientific proof later on. After his death, the density of some parts of his brain proved on a higher level than with normal counterparts. That uniqueness in comparison with the brains of people whose IQ score could be considered as low suggest irregularities in the way the brain developed. While you can grow some muscle with some protein supplements the brain, on the other hand is no muscle, so the basic parallel needs to be refuted. So how come the brain can regain its functions despite the trauma? It is more like a replacement of the managing team that takes over while the previous members are already a goner. Now the quality of the new managerial team depends yet again on their starting position, developed as early as in those months spent in a foetus position, and if any of the chromosomes go awry their particular way, chances are simply, that despite rewiring the brain and the recovery sets the clock back but it cannot be equalled with a healthy brain becoming more intelligent. That premise is typically refuted, although can you really trust those scientists?

What To Make of Those Claims?

For years (mind you scientist are like a brain, they are also learning) they have proved a brain cannot be malleable while it has become refuted to some degree, and renamed as brain plasticity. Could it be that the brain is learning to change itself but the lessons learned will remain useless if the IQ is low already? Think of a new skill you are supposed to learn or rediscover new paths to explore while raising a kid or negotiating whilst you never had the guts to ask for it. A new challenge is always exciting to the brain that behaves like a kid in a candy shop. Same goes for reducing any old habits that indeed die hard, as they are, as you could now imagine, deeply ingrained in the brain anatomy. Think of them as paths forged along or some zigzagging lines, to kill any of that, sheer will cannot suffice, though it does help some, while it is totally useless for the others. We have only touched upon some basic ideas referring to the brain’s working and its long life change, so seek answers on your own, if you feel that is enough exciting for the brain you got!