The Panorama of Absence

The fatherly worry as he hugs his sick baby boy is downright staggering, the pangs of pain unfathomable. There is beauty in that picture as well, but mostly unbearable pain. How much pain is bearable? That soothed by the question, why me? Why not the others, why me? You may be questioning yourself all the time, science cannot tell you as you are being punished with and by events in your life that are strongly affecting the course of your life. You are at the mercy of nature which knows no mercy as biology dictates everything. You become a lie against yourself. You embody a lie.

The Dirt of the Earth

Ashes to ashes as many people hear and forget to grow a backbone in order to show that better side of themselves. As you leave the motherly womb and are disconnected, the breathing on your own begins and that is truly a miracle, but then the breathing leads to the ever disquieting ash enigma when the people around you disappear into the earth and slowly, bit by bit, you become lost awaiting your own turn to be claimed. Most people do not wait, enjoying their intelligence and anything that they can muster up on their own to block that gaping hole from sight; still it will shine through your life, encompassing you in total, so you have to be careful here as you tread through life, with its ups and downs. Each ray of light is a mistake, each ray of the darkness is hope in the making that creates a wave that could carry you further in life. Can you still look yourself in the face then? That hardly matters as most would tell you you are being too negative and solemn. The joys of life are few and far in between and you could wonder how they are going to remember you once your life is claimed. Actually they won’t for long, claimed by their own tortures and small challenges of the grown up life. They know but they are taking it slowly and being commiserative in pain has become further from truth than ever. When you become dirt of the earth during your life no one is going to spare a thought for you, but when you become the dirt of the earth in the nightime of your life then you are just that, a breathless shape that longs no more, craves for breathing no more, aims no more, seeks no more and so much more. You negate everything they have being dead, being eaten and having your body tormented. You lie no more, you are as innocent as you were when you cried wolf too many times.

Do Not Cry

When you decide not to cry anymore that is when you change the course of your life, life that you thought you led consciously to the very end. But you are always asleep and your life is asleep. You are still in your mother’s womb. But this time in your mother’s earth’s womb.