Hypocrisy Is in All of Us

Are you feeling that the worst kind of people you could not bear to talk with are those two faced pretending to be your friend, but backstabbing you whenever they get a chance to vent behind your back? Regrettably, many people, unless occupied by some attention demanding activities, are prone to prattling about their neighbors or co-workers 24/7 if only they could. While spreading negative rumors is the backstabbing practice, most of us, average folk, just cherish any opportunity to chew some fat and share the latest scoop on those people we know so well. If you take a step back then, from that perspective, the purpose served is to strengthen the bonds of the gossiping party and the others, thus allowing us versus them divide to continue, affirming our values. Now a hypocrite would join their ranks to accompany those he or she sees as frenemies for example or simply to keep up appearances.

Are You Free?

Now who is not a hypocrite? There is a bit of that in each of us, so it is best to own up that employing some empathy and integrity go a long way. It is a rare ocurrence in the modern world to walk your talk, such people enjoy some popularity, but it is not easy to stick to your guns in the face of adversity. More value should therefore be placed on steadfastness and people with firm resolutions. Now what we mere mortals could model some more is the way some people’s staunch beliefs no matter how we regard some of their values. The research shows people with strong morals are obviously less likely to disregard the rules in force in a workplace and accept any rule violation and injustice committed on the others, including mobbing practices. They are more up front about some events that bring blood to the boiling point. Somehow it feels their numbers are growing thinner as time goes by in that me me society at large.

What is the Psyche of a Hypocrite like?

Hypocrisy is rampant within the realm of politics and show business, and any other work environment. It is the inner realm of those who are denying the other the chance of showing their true colors for the sake of denying, for obtaining a superior status despite occupying the lower or equal position. Mud slinging is popularly found as the medicine for those bitter ones that cannot simply stand the difference in opinions, decisions and values, you name it. So many join the ranks of those whose sole pleasure is expressing displeasure, for some it even becomes a relaxation technique in between pulling an act of pulling the others down. The ego takes each of the slights and turns it into a mountain in need of a stroke. Instead of promoting and fostering the feeling of good will the choice of the sour attitude ruins oftentimes the atmosphere and chances in many workplaces and families. Is it not high time pehaps you had a look at yourself now?