Greatest Daredevil Stories Ever

Daredevil is a complex character. A superhero that has been around for nearly five decades, he has shown unique staying power despite not being among Marvel Comics’ more popular properties. Obviously, Marvel Comics’ heavyweights are the Avengers and Spider-Man, and Daredevil is usually relegated to the sidelines. But he has been around, which means that he has a loyal core of fans that continue to support him.

Other than the aspect of fan support, Daredevil – as mentioned above – offers complexity. Matt Murdock is a blind attorney by day and super-powered crime fighter by night. He is unique among superheroes because of his handicap – he is blind. And yet, his remaining functions at super human levels. Plus, he has that radar sense that compensates for his sight.

Writers who have handled the character have found themselves producing some of their best and career defining work. Here are some of the best storylines for Daredevil.

Born Again

This story arc is written by Frank Miller and it featured the artwork of David Mazzucchelli. It was later reprinted as a graphic novel combined with some additional stories that tied up the loose ends of the original series. The story is about Daredevils fall into poverty and insanity. It was the Kingpin who was responsible for his fall. It also chronicles how he started to build a life for himself again.

The Elektra Saga

This could be considered to be a spinoff from Daredevil as it focuses more on Elektra. This takes bits and pieces from the original Daredevil tales where Elektra appeared and puts them together into a graphic novel. This should still be an essential reading for all Daredevil fans out there. It recounts the story of one of the most intriguing characters in the Marvel universe.


This story arc tells what happens when one of the greatest fears of masked super heroes happen. His secret identity gets revealed to the world! Matt Murdock’s identity is sold to tabloid reporters. He tries to rebuild his life back but it is not going to be easy.

Guardian Devil

This is a story arc that lasted for eight issues. It was written by Kevin Smith and tells the story of Daredevil caring for an infant who could turn out to be the Antichrist or the Messiah. When the story arc was published as a graphic novel, Ben Affleck came up with an introduction to it. It would be remembered that Affleck was the one who portrayed Daredevil in the rather forgettable film adaptation of the comic book character.

Man Without Fear

This is a retelling of Daredevil’s origin by master storyteller Frank Miller. It tells the tale of how young Matt Murdock was raised by his father who is an over the hill fighter. It tells of how he acquired his powers and how he became Daredevil. This is generally considered to be the best story arc for the hero so far.

These are just some of the top story arcs and graphic novels about Daredevil today.