Getting Clearer Skin

Having a smooth clear skin is definitely an asset and everyone wants that. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a naturally great looking skin. There are just so many factors that affect the appearance and the quality of our skin. What would you give to look young and fresh again?

Causes of Skin Problems

There are many types of skin problems that people face today. These range from the simple issues to skin diseases that can cause problems beyond the appearance. A simple skin issue that many people are facing is dry skin. It does not really pose any serious health issue but it can be annoying and be a cause of worry for those who suffer from it. Then there are the more serious cases of skin problems such as skin cancer which is actually life threatening. Different skin problems have different causes. It could be because of genes that one gets from his/her parents or because of diet. The environment can also play a factor because exposure to certain substances can also affect the skin.

Common Skin Problems

There are several common skin problems that can be encountered all over the world. Here are some of those common skin ailments.


Most if not all would have something bad to say about acne. Acne is the skin problem which causes pimples on the skin to occur when the pores, or the passageway connected to the oil glands just below the surface becomes clogged. Acne comes in different forms. It can appear on the face, the neck, the arms, back and the shoulders. But people are most concerned with its presence on the face because it can affect one’s appearance considerably.

Blackheads and whiteheads are the more common forms of acne. Cystic and nodular acne can be more problematic because those types of acne actually form deep within the skin and so they can cause some very deep scars. Almost everyone will experience having acne at some point in their lives and a majority will continue to do so even when they become adults.

There have been so many reasons that have been cited as to what actually causes acne. Some say that it is because of diet, others claim that it is heredity. Experts say that while all the other factors can really influence the appearance of acne, the most important cause would be hormones. They say that this is the reason why people suffer from acne breakouts the most during their puberty. That is the period when there is tremendous amount of growth hormones that is released into the body.


Eczema does not refer to a single skin condition but actually to several skin problems. Here are the three types of skin eczema:

    • Allergic contact dermatitis
    • Nummular dermatitis
    • Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitisis the most common type of eczema and it is more common in children than in adults. It is a genetic disease that causes itchy rashes at the elbows and behind the knees. Nummular dermatitis causes coin-shaped red patches of skin which can be itchy. Allergic contact dermatitis will only show during adulthood and is caused by factors in the environment like exposure to cosmetic products and perfumes. In all types of skin eczema the problem is the dry skin. So what you need is to properly moisturize the skin. You need to do that so that the skin will not become too dry.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic Dermatitis is a kin condition that causes oily patches to appear on the scalp of the person suffering from it. It can even affect babies.


Psoriasis is another common skin ailment. It is actually a genetic disease. It causes the build-up of excess skin tissues that looks red and would appear to be covered with silver scales. The problem usually appears on the knees and the elbows but it can also appear on other portions of the limbs and sometimes even on the trunk. There are also other forms of Psoriasis which can affect the hands and joints.

People who suffer from Psoriasis tend to have poor quality lives mostly because the disease is very obvious and it makes them very self-conscious and embarrassed about their appearance.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is actually the most common type of cancer there is. Millions of people develop this kind of skin problem. There are several types of skin cancer but the deadliest by far is melanoma which is the cause of 75% of all deaths due to skin cancer. It is commonly accepted now that too much exposure to the sun is the main cause of developing this kind of cancer which is why wearing proper protection is a must if one is to expose to the sun.


You have probably met someone who is so red-faced that you probably supposed that they have taken a few shots of liquor before you met them, but are actually pretty sober. Chances are that person is suffering from Rosacea. Like many other skin problems, Rosacea is not really life-threatening and it does not even cause any pain or discomfort, but it can really be embarrassing.

This condition can be cured but it also requires proper self-care. There are many causes for flare-ups and what is needed is to identify the actual cause of flare-up for a person and stay away from that. It can be exposure to the sun for example and in others it can be eating certain foods.

Athlete’s Foot

This is another skin condition and anyone who works is at risk from suffering with athlete’s foot. You are more at risk if you use public areas such as communal showers and locker rooms. It starts in the area between the toes but it can spread in the area around that. The good news is that it is quite easy to treat athlete’s foot and there are many medications that are available for this condition.


Everyone would have to suffer from wrinkles. At a certain age our skin would begin to sag and it would develop wrinkles. There is really no way to completely prevent the development of wrinkles or to remove it. The best thing that you can do is to slow down its onslaught. The main step that you can take in order to fight the development of wrinkles on your face is to stop smoking if that is a habit of yours. Remember that once a wrinkle appears and develops, there is no way that it would completely disappear even if you undergo some surgery.

How to Have Clear Skin

We have tackled many of the common skin problems that people are facing today. But for the most part, people are really not interested in that. What they want to know is how one can have clearer skin. Here are some of the steps that you can take:

Keeping it Clean and Simple

Do you realize the amount of dirt that lands on your face on a daily basis? One of the simple and the most basic step that you can take towards getting a clearer skin is keeping it clean. You should wash your face twice daily, once you get up in the morning, before you get your day started and then before you turn in for the night. You don’t really have to use any expensive products. Soap and water is all that you need.

Handling Zits

Don’t pop the zits that might develop on your face. It could only make things so much worse for you. If you pop your zits, it would probably inflame it and even lead to infection. In the long run that can cause some scarring and that is something that you do not want. But it is so hard to resist the temptation of popping your zits, so if you do end up doing it anyway then you should wash the area with products that can disinfect the area.

When you are using products for treating skin problems like acne you should go for the basics. It would not be wise to try out something new that does not have the same track record as the more trusted products. Don’t lose patience right away. Most skin products would need 6 weeks of continuous use before you can see some results. So don’t be disappointed if you still don’t have a clean and clear face after 2 washings.

When you spot a problem on your skin developing, then you should act right away. A pimple would go through several stages so you can actually see if it is just starting out. Working on a pimple that is just starting lout is easier than working on a full-blown one. Remember that too much of anything can be harmful and the same thing is true when it comes to skin products. Don’t use too much of it or it can cause more harm than good to your skin. Just be patient and you will get the clear skin that you want.