Controlling Yourself

In the previous piece we briefly touched upon the issue of anger and its management. It is a natural reaction to feel angry at times as long as you do not let it convert into violent display of a hurting ego. Now we know how easy it is to push someone’s buttons, sometimes unknowingly, at others, willfully. Basically, what governs our behavior is how we see ourselves first and foremost, now that is definitely determined by nurture and upbringing we received. If the child received enough from his or her primary caretakers, the ego development is ensured, though, the circumstances may yet put those caretaking efforts to test, including illnesses, parental relations and so on. Scientists claim that is enough if one parent forges a sufficient bond with a baby, though it is a mother mostly seen as being responsible for the baby’s well being. If the light of love is gone and forced wherelse with the touching and cuddling non existent, the baby splits his or her ego. That is quite a complicated process which results in problematic behavior among other things.

What Hinders The Baby’s Development

Raising a healthy baby is quite an insurmountable task, considering how many parents are struggling with their problems sometimes simply suppressing them and remaining unaware of their own stigma. If you look at the happy families that you know quite well, it is sometimes hard to guess that something would be amiss. The psychologists say that it is because no one is born in a perfectly emotionally family with parents being somewhat puzzled by the needs babies are expressing. Plenty of young parents, despite having read piles of self help books and child rearing accounts, sound quite desperate once the baby is born. If the baby is wanted then fine, and yet, after some time, motherly affection does not suffice as the cognition and other developmental needs come into play. The reason is mothers need to be more aware of their babies and children’s needs, which is often so neglected by prospective parents, and when children have any special needs, then it is even more.

Anger Is Modelled

During any conflicts in the family or when the child is growing up and testing the boundaries as early as being a two-year-old, read, throwing temper tantrums, a knowledgeable adult is worth one’s weight in gold if not more. First time moms are often confused and consumed with worry whether they are doing things right, but what matters here is modelling the son or daughter’s behavior is key to raising a functionally adaptive kid. Therefore if you find yourself uncontrollably fuming when things come to nought, take it to heart to ponder the issue over. The most successful people in life are those whose emotional intelligence is highly ranked; this applies both to parents and leaders and virtually everybody else that gets into touch with other people.