Constipation of the Mind

Otherwise known as the infamous writer’s block. This is actually a beneficial spell, one that should strongly encourage you to become the silence for a while. As opposed to a bad writer’s diarrhea. Why get so low in bad analogies? Simply for the sake of making your voice heard to you. You should be your own, fiercest opponent, the most scathing critic there is, puncturing your own balloon with enmity you can barely find elsewhere in the world. Once all the air escapes no one can hit you any harder than yourself. Therefore you win double as you: 1. Produce despite no flair for writing, 2. Beat anyone else in that respect, 3 champion yourself as the creator and the writer despite constant failures at being published, 4 introduces some skeleton like bits of nicely sounding language into the prose of yours, 5 you can get the lights shine on you momentarily, 6 you save on alko as writing is cheap, 7 you skip the banter people use though you may use it in the book of yours 8 you mean it actually 9 you become the object of your own writing 10 you become a prisoner of your own ambitions.

The Cure

Unfortunately due to the existence of the Internet all the aspiring writers gained the upper hand in proving that most people are as talented as shown by the bell curve, with some closer to the bottom than the others. Any look at the writing competitions that are staggeringly numerous reveals that the knowledge of the language is sufficient to make things work. What works in the reality is something else. If you were an excellent writer you would have had your voice heard, then you need an observation skill and ability to understand the human nature and the factors that govern it. You would be mightily advised to show some sense of humor as it proves your intelligence and your quirky ways that people enjoy so much apart from dread and the terrors that some hack writers take delight in. You cannot ride the wave as easily as you only see the basic building blocks as it proves your immaturity which belongs to nothing but the blind person that sees no further than just their own business. Why would that be that someone has this need to express? Perhaps people have never learned to speak otherwise and therefore they must communicate somehow that resin of feelings that rests undisturbed. If you pour your life’s story into writing, then be aware that you might soon run out of ideas which are not borne out of sky, though even fantasy could work well to imbibe the writer. If it is totally about you you are not the first one to get into that area. Therefore you are no game changer, you are merely life’s copycat that seeks life in death only to find he is gravely mistaken. Your writing output will also die, it will die with you. Then again many a writers has been through this before, going through the lines, rehearsing the characters, getting into their minds, receiving feedback only to get back at life which means they gained nothing. Have you?