Common Health Mistakes

When you think about it nothing should be more important to people than their health. But despite that bit of reality, a lot of people are not paying close attention to it. They only consider it when they get sick or there is something wrong with their bodies already. That’s not how things should be. To help you become healthier, here are some of the more common health mistakes that people are making today:

Too Much Stress

Most young people today are leading very busy lives and the side effect of that is that they are ending up very stressed. That we should feel stress is actually a part natural mechanism of the body. Our ancestors felt stress from certain factors in the environment which affected their lives. The stress prompted the body to release adrenaline which gave them greater strength. The problem now is that our bodies are constantly being bombarded with stress that we have no rest.

Research has revealed that young people of today are more stressed out than any other generation. That’s not a good thing for your health because stress has been linked to several illnesses. It can also weaken the body to the point where it becomes more exposed to certain diseases.

Thinking That You Are Not at Risk of Stroke

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they are not at risk of getting stroke. They believe that they are too young and that only people who are heavily overweight would get it. But it is a mistake to think that way. Researchers have shown that there is an increase in the incidence of stroke in people who are 22 to 50 years old. This increase in the incidence of strokes in younger people is caused by very unhealthy lifestyles.

Having a stroke early in life would mean leading a very poor quality of life later on. The good news for young people is that the things that makes them more vulnerable to stroke can be prevented. Obesity and being overweight are the main culprits and you can work on those.

Believing That Smoking Marijuana Has No Consequences

There is a clamour today for legalizing pot or marijuana. Advocates of pot say that smoking it does not have any ill-effects and that it can only enhance good feelings. They claim that pot can actually bring in benefits. But it is wrong to believe that smoking pot does not have any ill-effects. Studies show that smoking of marijuana can lead to an increase in the risk of getting emphysema and heart problems.

The most alarming issue that has been found in connection smoking pot has something to do with brain development. It has been found that young people who started smoking suffered from loss of IQ. The youngsters lost as much as 8 IQ points and that is not recovered even after the subjects quit smoking. Eight IQ points can translate to a great deal of lost potential.

Not Using Sun Screen

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the world today and it is mainly caused by exposure to the sun. There is a great deal of awareness now in connection with the risks connected with too much exposure to the sun, but some people are still choosing to ignore the risks. They are not using sunscreen and yet they go out sunbathing or do outdoor activities. Research has shown that serious sunburn at an earlier age increases the risk of contracting skin cancer later on.

Not Flossing

Tooth loss and gum disease is very common even in adults. The sad part is that this totally preventable. Many adults think that it is enough that they brush their teeth twice a day. That is never enough because food debris could still stay trapped in between your teeth. Simple brushing might not be able to dislodge those stubborn debris. This is the reason why you need to develop the habit of flossing after every meal. You should quit smoking if that is a habit of yours and rinse your mouth with a water and salt solution after every meal and before you sleep.

Drinking Too Much Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are supposed to keep you going when your body is slowing down. This is the reason why this sort of drink is very popular with young people. If you drink a lot of energy drinks then you should realize that this can lead to some serious health issues. You should understand that energy drinks give you a boost because of the high caffeine content and the great deal of sugar that it contains. Recent statistics have shown that hospitalizations connected with energy drinks have shot up. This type of beverage can cause palpitations, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia and even obesity. It is also very dangerous when mixed with alcoholic drinks.

Too Much Diet Drinks

You might have been surprised that the consumption of diet drinks is included in a list of health mistakes. That’s the problem with it. People think that it is a healthy choice so they drink as much of it as they want, thinking that it’s okay. But according to some studies, those who drink diet beverages habitually end up being fatter than those who go for regular drinks. The sweetener used for diet drinks have also been found to be a possible cause for diabetes.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

We always hear that we should be getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, but we don’t think too much of that. After all, not sleeping means you can do more things with your time. But the lack of sleep can have some very serious health implications and if people are only aware of those implications, then they would probably spend more effort in getting enough sleep. Aside from the fact that your body is not getting enough sleep, lack of sleep has also been connected with weight gain and obesity. If you have been wondering why you were gaining weight lately, you should check your sleeping habits.

Not Taking Medications

The health situation in the world has improved vastly because of breakthroughs of medical science. Many diseases have been eradicated and many more are under control. This is mostly to the new drugs that have been discovered and are now in use. But these drugs and medications would only work when the people suffering from diseases take their medications as prescribed by doctors. There are so many cases of sickness where the patients did not get well because they did not take their medications. SO if you are sick, don’t ignore your doctor’s orders when it comes to your medicines.

Not Taking Your Annual Physical Check-up

The body is like a machine. There is bound to be a point when something will go wrong. An annual physical check-up will actually help you to find out if there is anything wrong with you so you can resolve that health problem even before it starts. Ignoring the annual physical check-up can be a problem for women, because they tend to put their family before anything else. But if you really care about your family then you should learn how to care for yourself.

Allowing Fear to Get the Best of You

Some people are worried about certain things about their health but are letting their fear get the best of them. You might be worried about a certain lump, or you might feel something funny inside, but you’re afraid to go to the doctor because you are afraid that they would tell you that you’re very sick. Worrying like that is not going to help you and would not benefit you at all. It is better that you go and see a doctor right away and find out what is actually wrong with you. That way the problem can be resolved as early as possible.

Not Thinking about Prevention

You would probably agree with the saying that prevention is better than cure. But agreeing is different from practicing. Are you doing anything that would prevent you from having some serious illness in the future? Are you taking necessary steps to stay healthy and safe? If you are not doing anything along those lines then you are missing out on a great opportunity to boost your health.

Trusting on Untested Medical Information

Because of the internet, it is extremely easy to get all kinds of information now. You can even get information on medical information online. That’s a good thing when you use that information as a preliminary for understanding a sickness. The problem starts when people start playing doctor and they use the information that they got in order to do self-diagnosis and even attempt to treat themselves. This can be a dangerous practice because not all the information that is available on the internet can be trusted.

These are just some of the common health mistakes that people are making now.