The Benefits of Foot Reflexology

There are several massage therapies available that are really relaxing but there is one that you do not have to undress, just simply extend your feet to have it and you will get it. It is called foot massage. It is one of the simplest yet stress relieving massages which can be performed even on a sofa or in the comforts of your homes. Foot massage therapy is under the wing of reflexology, a massage therapy procedure that applies pressure therapy on various meridian points on the hands and feet that go up to the top and covers all vital organs of the body along the way to the head.

Feet Directed

Foot massage or foot reflexology concentrates on the feet as it believes that the nerve zones are on the sole of our feet going to the top of our heads. Pressure is applied on the various meridian points on the bottom of the feet and attempt to cure sickness or prevent it. It gauges the pain that we experience and based from the reaction on the pressures being applied, the patient is diagnosed of the sickness under complain. Every pressure exerted by the therapist produces a soothing relaxation to the patient after the session.

Its Many Benefits

Foot reflexology has many benefits. From each part of the feet which is believed to be connected to every vital parts and organs of the body thru the meridian points situated on the feet, it could be felt by the patient its relaxing benefits. Many claims that they have felt better than before they have undergone foot reflexology. A regular session of foot massage on a patient suffering from recurring pain would feel better everyday and would be relieved of his pain. It is also a good tension and stress reliever. There were previous medical studies that patients who have undergone heart bypass operations have experienced stress relief by receiving regular session of foot massage. Doing foot massage though requires hard pressure since the feet is one of the hardest parts of the human body. The meridian points which are situated on the feet could be easily manipulated by the therapist who were trained to do so. As we all know that heart diseases are related to mental stress since when a person is constantly exposed to stressful environment, they are susceptible to heart attacks and other heart related ailments.

Who Are Qualified

There are questions about who are qualified to do foot massage since it seems that it is a simple procedure of massage therapy. Well, anyone who loves to do massaging can do foot massage. It is simple so that the strokes are not so complicated like other massage therapies.

What is important is the knowledge about the meridian points located on the bottom of the feet and by asking the patient which part of his body is experiencing pain. The therapist can manipulate the part of the feet to be massaged on the exact point being complaint of. A sharp pain would register on the foot of the patient once the therapist exert the proper stroke and the pain signals that such part of the body is needing medical attention which could be addressed by foot massage.