What is Article Marketing

Article marketing is the act of advertising or promoting a content writing to attract more people to a website. It’s a common marketing strategy used by lots of online entrepreneurs. Usually, it’s used by larger businesses who seek to draw lots of customers’ attention to their website. Smaller entrepreneurs also do article marketing as a means to improve their leads and sales.

Online entrepreneurs who would like to have a head start in the competition, should invest in article marketing. Aside from various online marketing strategies, article marketing plays an important role in catching the attention of your target market. Basically, articles provide information that your customers need. As a result, they get to draw the interest of the customers through short articles. In most cases, the articles include a bio box and byline or also known as a resource box which tells about the business.

Article Marketing in the Past

Traditionally, it was used by professional entrepreneurs and marketers alike for a long period of time. It was operational as long as mass print was available. Basically, the company provided short contents to a newspaper company which included the name of the business along with contact information. It was an effective and efficient marketing strategy used by most business companies in the past. However, when the internet became popular, traditional article marketing has lost its popularity. It was replaced by the newer style of marketing which is commonly done over the internet.

Internet Article Marketing

You can find lots of article marketing stuff on article directories about products and services of various online companies. A business company usually looks for an article directory with good page rank to invest in article marketing. The article directory with good page rank usually gets a decent number of visitors who are looking for quality contents. In doing so, an entrepreneur would have the chances of getting more and more people to know his website. As a result, this will lead to more sales for the entrepreneur.

Nowadays, most of the online entrepreneurs try to maximize the potential reach of their articles by publishing them on various article directories. Most business companies do not settle on a single article directory. In fact, they post lots of articles on many different article directories with good page rank to improve their rankings on search engines. More often than not, this strategy gets them to draw more and more visitors in their website. As a result, they end up building more leads and sales without actually doing extra efforts aside from publishing articles to various directories.

Aside from getting more traffic to a website, improving the authority and influence of an author is also one of the benefits you get from doing article marketing. Article marketing via the internet can be done by any person because of its simplicity. You don’t have to be technically skilled in order to be able to publish your articles to various article directories.

How Article Marketing Works

Article marketing attracts people to your website via links imbedded in each article you submit to directory sites. From there, any potential customer who clicks your link will be directed to your website to satisfy his hunger for information about your product or service. The simple process can only be effective if you can provide quality articles on article directories though. Keep in mind that most people are looking for the most interesting, informative, and compelling articles that they can find on the internet. In addition, they don’t want articles that are difficult to understand. Thus, plain, easy-to-understand English should always be used whenever you are writing an article meant for a submission site. However, there are other things that have to be done plainly as you would like to catch the attention of your readers.

Identifying your market niche is also important when it comes to article marketing. It’s difficult to attract people and get them to read your work if you are targeting the wrong market. First and foremost, you need to do a research about your market niche. Once you are done with it, then you can start writing the topic which is important in an article marketing work.

Choosing catchy headlines is also something you need to work on when writing articles used for marketing purposes. In order for your article to get the attention of the readers, it has to have a title that will make a reader click your work. Without a good headline, your article would have a hard time getting the attention of readers on various article submission sites.

Investing on high quality articles is one way of getting more and more visitors to your website. Actually, it’s one of the best ways to boost your rank and authority on your field of business. Most of the clients would love to make transactions as well as share information about your business if you have great contents on your website. Online entrepreneurs who are investing on quality articles usually don’t have difficulties with marketing their stuff on the internet. In fact, they find it relatively easy to advertise their products and services to the online public. However, those who don’t have top quality articles usually run through difficulties when it comes to promoting their stuff on the Web. There’s a huge difference in gauging the effectiveness of promoting a good stuff from a poor one. This is the reason why you need to be smart by investing in quality articles instead of providing crappy stuff to article directories.

Types of Article Marketing

Article marketing also includes sharing them on social networking sites. Entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget and are hesitant to publish their articles on directories can always post them on social media websites. If you have accounts on various social networking sites, you can actually publish them there for free. This is an effective marketing strategy if you have lots of friends with these sites. However, those who have few friends on various social networking sites should hire people who have lots of friends instead of wasting their time and effort in doing so themselves. Social networking sites usually have share buttons where your friends can spread the good news about your business. It’s important to have quality articles so that your friends will share them without any hesitation. You can’t blame a friend for not sharing a crappy article. On the other hand, you can always expect them to share your article if it is interesting and informative.

Another type of article marketing is guest posting for blog sites. You draw traffic to your website by writing on another writer’s website or blog site. Don’t expect it to be that simple and easy though as you can’t draw visitors with just a poor write-up. You need to write high quality contents in order to entice people to visit your website.

To sum up, article marketing is a basic yet effective marketing strategy that doesn’t require technical skills. In fact, it uses simple steps that don’t actually focus on the marketing end. Instead, you must work harder to improve the quality of articles published on various online portals. A successfully written article can attract the attention of the online audience which will eventually lead to bigger sales for the entrepreneur.

Constipation of the Mind

Otherwise known as the infamous writer’s block. This is actually a beneficial spell, one that should strongly encourage you to become the silence for a while. As opposed to a bad writer’s diarrhea. Why get so low in bad analogies? Simply for the sake of making your voice heard to you. You should be your own, fiercest opponent, the most scathing critic there is, puncturing your own balloon with enmity you can barely find elsewhere in the world. Once all the air escapes no one can hit you any harder than yourself. Therefore you win double as you: 1. Produce despite no flair for writing, 2. Beat anyone else in that respect, 3 champion yourself as the creator and the writer despite constant failures at being published, 4 introduces some skeleton like bits of nicely sounding language into the prose of yours, 5 you can get the lights shine on you momentarily, 6 you save on alko as writing is cheap, 7 you skip the banter people use though you may use it in the book of yours 8 you mean it actually 9 you become the object of your own writing 10 you become a prisoner of your own ambitions.

The Cure

Unfortunately due to the existence of the Internet all the aspiring writers gained the upper hand in proving that most people are as talented as shown by the bell curve, with some closer to the bottom than the others. Any look at the writing competitions that are staggeringly numerous reveals that the knowledge of the language is sufficient to make things work. What works in the reality is something else. If you were an excellent writer you would have had your voice heard, then you need an observation skill and ability to understand the human nature and the factors that govern it. You would be mightily advised to show some sense of humor as it proves your intelligence and your quirky ways that people enjoy so much apart from dread and the terrors that some hack writers take delight in. You cannot ride the wave as easily as you only see the basic building blocks as it proves your immaturity which belongs to nothing but the blind person that sees no further than just their own business. Why would that be that someone has this need to express? Perhaps people have never learned to speak otherwise and therefore they must communicate somehow that resin of feelings that rests undisturbed. If you pour your life’s story into writing, then be aware that you might soon run out of ideas which are not borne out of sky, though even fantasy could work well to imbibe the writer. If it is totally about you you are not the first one to get into that area. Therefore you are no game changer, you are merely life’s copycat that seeks life in death only to find he is gravely mistaken. Your writing output will also die, it will die with you. Then again many a writers has been through this before, going through the lines, rehearsing the characters, getting into their minds, receiving feedback only to get back at life which means they gained nothing. Have you?

The Panorama of Absence

The fatherly worry as he hugs his sick baby boy is downright staggering, the pangs of pain unfathomable. There is beauty in that picture as well, but mostly unbearable pain. How much pain is bearable? That soothed by the question, why me? Why not the others, why me? You may be questioning yourself all the time, science cannot tell you as you are being punished with and by events in your life that are strongly affecting the course of your life. You are at the mercy of nature which knows no mercy as biology dictates everything. You become a lie against yourself. You embody a lie.

The Dirt of the Earth

Ashes to ashes as many people hear and forget to grow a backbone in order to show that better side of themselves. As you leave the motherly womb and are disconnected, the breathing on your own begins and that is truly a miracle, but then the breathing leads to the ever disquieting ash enigma when the people around you disappear into the earth and slowly, bit by bit, you become lost awaiting your own turn to be claimed. Most people do not wait, enjoying their intelligence and anything that they can muster up on their own to block that gaping hole from sight; still it will shine through your life, encompassing you in total, so you have to be careful here as you tread through life, with its ups and downs. Each ray of light is a mistake, each ray of the darkness is hope in the making that creates a wave that could carry you further in life. Can you still look yourself in the face then? That hardly matters as most would tell you you are being too negative and solemn. The joys of life are few and far in between and you could wonder how they are going to remember you once your life is claimed. Actually they won’t for long, claimed by their own tortures and small challenges of the grown up life. They know but they are taking it slowly and being commiserative in pain has become further from truth than ever. When you become dirt of the earth during your life no one is going to spare a thought for you, but when you become the dirt of the earth in the nightime of your life then you are just that, a breathless shape that longs no more, craves for breathing no more, aims no more, seeks no more and so much more. You negate everything they have being dead, being eaten and having your body tormented. You lie no more, you are as innocent as you were when you cried wolf too many times.

Do Not Cry

When you decide not to cry anymore that is when you change the course of your life, life that you thought you led consciously to the very end. But you are always asleep and your life is asleep. You are still in your mother’s womb. But this time in your mother’s earth’s womb.