Do You Need an Attic Provision in Your Home

Time will come a time when you will be in need of a safe space to store your used furniture, children’s’ toys, appliances, files or old books or magazines and newspapers. An inventory of usable space for that purpose will crowd your mind and start your search at the rooftop down to your basement if there is in your house. While there might not be a real attic atop your ceiling joist, you might try to investigate that open space between your ceiling and your house roof. In most cases, it could accommodate a meter and a half at the apex point and that would be a sufficient space to store some excess baggage in your house.

Decide and Compute

If you have decided that the attic would be the semi-permanent store room of your old unusable things, it would be the nice thing to start computing the cost to convert that space into a functional attic. Start planning to convert that space by investigating the actual area involved. Prepare a draft working drawing indicating the access ladder-type stair to be used. Identify the perfect area where to place it. Likewise, make sure that you have identified the electrical connections and the tapping point for your protection as work on the attic area.

Once you have determined the access stair and the area to be converted, an investigation on the strength of the beams must be conducted. Of course, the columns of your house should also be evaluated whether the additional loads aside from the materials to be stored as well as the floor beams and walling could be accommodated. Always consider the safety of your house as a dwelling place.

After you have done with your planning, ask yourself if it be done by you. If not, list all the labor that you need to carry on the work. If you lack the skills, it is best to seek the services other skilled individuals at your own budget. All the alteration and addition to your house’ original plans must be properly identified. This is important so that extra works would be limited. Additional works that were not identified when you prepared your budget will cause you some problems later on.

There Are Inconveniences

Since the renovation work would be done inside your house where you are still residing assuming you will not move out, the construction must be done in a phasing methodology. This technique will not affect the functionality of the original house. It should not be totally affected though you’ll suffer some disturbances. In order to implement this approach, you better hire professional people to do the job if you don’t have the technical capacity to do it by yourself. Some portions of the house must be closed to avoid accidents. There would be constant movements within the house as some parts are finished while other portions are starter.

Your Presence Is Important

In all these phases of construction, the owner must always be there to assist the renovator-contractor. This is necessary so that you can give your comments whenever possible. If there is a need for immediate decision, like a rotten wooden beam or a weak column that needs a replacement or reinforcement, you can automatically give your consent. Remember that other works that were not discussed previously will cost you another bill. This is the problem associated with renovation or extension works in the home.

In such situations, the attic project would be done as scheduled though at a higher costs than what you have budgeted. However, your excess unusable personal belongings could now find a temporary or perhaps a permanent space to house them.

How to Make a Backyard Mini Golf Course

If you want a sport that will keep you relaxed while you are enjoying and having fun with the activity, then you would definitely love playing golf. Although this is popular among rich people, many average individuals can also enjoy the sport in their backyard. Yes, you can make your own golf course regardless of the space you have in your property. A mini golf course can be quite easy to do especially when you have the tools and materials for the job.

Creating your backyard mini golf course can be done in a day or two depending on the scope of work that would be based on the area you are planning to build on your yard. All you need is a good landscaping project, design, and proper execution and choice on the type of hole. This article will help you to accomplish a golf course of your own preference without even hiring someone to do the job for you.

  • Planning – just like any type of project, careful planning is essential for the whole success and efficacy of the task. Write down on paper your preference on the design and location of your mini project. If you are lacking on ideas, you can always ask someone who is an expert in this type of sport. You can also search through the Internet for various concepts and plans.
  • Location – choose an area on your yard where you would want to build your backyard golf course. It does not necessarily require a large area as you can always create a smaller one if the space restricts you. Proper setting of location is very essential to the success of your project as the area will always matter especially if you are after relaxing and unwinding. You would not want to play under the direct heat of the sun, would you?
  • Preparation – clean and clear the area of anything that will distract you while you are working. Make sure that there are no stuffs left on the place in order for you to have a clearer picture on what you are planning.
  • Dig and Make Hills – this is optional though as it will depend on the design of your mini golf course. If you want to make hills you can add more soil on several locations that you prefer. You can also dig holes or make lower areas by removing some of the soil using shovel for the job. Be very careful with the adding and subtraction of soil as this can destroy the planned golf course if not executed properly.
  • Lawn and Holes – there are a variety of lawn type that you can use for this purpose. Make sure that it is properly placed on the ground and that it is evenly set up to ensure a nice game environment when you are playing. You can also choose from several types of holes that have their own unique features.

If you are new into golf, you can always ask for assistance from the store clerk when you purchase these materials.