Myths about Weight Loss

Weight loss is such a big deal right now. An increasing portion of the world’s population is ending up overweight and even obese. This is despite the fact that there is an on-going campaign right now to spread awareness about staying fit and eating healthy. The problem is that although there are a lot of people who would like to know more about weight loss today, there is also a lot of false information out there. The richness on sources of info can sometimes backfire as in this case. These myths are driving people away from the real methods on how they can lose weight.

Myths about Weight Loss

The problem with these weight loss myths is that a lot of people have actually come to believe them. This draws even more people who accept these myths are realities. If you are one of those serious about losing weight then here are some of the myths that you should stay away from:

Starving Yourself is the Fastest Weight Loss Method

There is no doubt that you can lose weight by starving yourself. Not getting the food needed by your body, it would eventually turn to what it has stored. The question is whether it is the healthy thing to do? Starving yourself could be a sign of eating disorder and that requires immediate attention from a professional.

There are certain radical diets that call for very minimal food intake. These diets normally promise very quick results. Research has shown that these diets are not as effective as advertised. It is very difficult to stay on this type of diet and in the long term it could result in gaining even more weight, because when you do give in to the temptation of eating you would end up eating even more.

You Need an Intense and Radical Exercise Regime

You see all kinds of exercise regimes being advertised and promoted and you are told that the only way to lose weight is to follow an exercise regime that takes you to the next level. But this isn’t true at all. You don’t have to undergo some crazy training that has been dreamed by some “expert.” Weight loss can only result from making small changes with your daily life and sticking to those changes.

Adults would need 150 minutes of physical activity on a weekly basis to stay fit. If you are overweight then you are going to need more than that. You can break it down and think up of some daily routine that you can do.

Slimming Pills Can Give Long Term Results

There are those who become enthusiastic about the use of slimming pills. They believe that by using those pills, they can achieve their weight loss goals. Unfortunately, slimming pills are not the magic solution that people think they are. The use of slimming pills alone would not result in long term weight loss. In fact, slimming pills should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Slimming pills can only help when you are following the right diet and you are doing plenty of exercise.

Healthy Foods Are Costlier

One argument that people use against eating healthy is that foods that that are supposed to be healthier is more expensive. But when you consider things, this argument really isn’t a valid one. How much do you pay for the usual meal that you consume at your favourite fast food joint? Is it more expensive than if you have bought the ingredients to come up with some healthy like a simple garden salad? There are some healthy choices that can be pricey, but if you learn where to shop then you can go healthy even when on a budget.

Low Fat Labels Mean Healthy

Some people go shopping for food these days and they are consciously making an effort to stay healthy. What they normally do is they check the label of the foods that they are buying and look for the ones that have the “low fat” labels or those that say “reduced fat.” For them, that’s a sure sign that the food product is healthy and nutritious. The main thing that we have to be on the lookout for in food is cholesterol.

While food products that contain the low fat and reduced fat labels are better choices, since they have to meet certain standards before they can use those labels, they are not as healthy as people suppose. They could still contain high amounts of sugar for example.

Margarine is Better Than Butter

Butter is getting a lot of flak lately because it contains a great deal of fat. There are those who are offering margarine as a better alternative to butter. They say this because margarine tends to have lower saturated fat. But the problem with margarine is that while it is low on saturated fat, it might be high on hydrogenated fat, which is even worse. If you really want to lose weight then you have to reduce the amount of both the saturated fat and the hydrogenated fat that you consume. There are some types of margarine that do not have hydrogenated fat and you should be able to see that on the label.

Carbohydrate Causes Weight Gain

This weight loss myth gained a lot of followers because of the fancy low carb diets that have been introduced lately. But researchers found out that the users of low-carb diets lost weight not because they ate fewer carbohydrates, but simply because they ate less, period.

Snacks Cause Weight Gain

Another myth in connection with weight loss that has gained a lot of following is that snacks can contribute to weight gain. Snacks are not the problem. Eating in between the main meals is not a problem and in fact it is a must. If you live a very active lifestyle, you need the snacks in order to maintain the energy level of your body. The problem is the type of snacks that you consume. If you are eating fatty snacks then you should really expect some weight gain. You should opt for fruits which can sustain your energy without contributing to weight gain.

Drinking Plenty of Water Causes Weight Losses

We always hear about the benefits of drinking plenty of water. Now, it is even claimed that drinking lots of water can cause you to lose weight. Drinking lots of water will not cause you to lose weight but it can be helpful. If you always drink then you would always feel full and the tendency would be that for you to eat less.

Skipping Meals is a Good Weight Loss Practice

You should never skip meals no matter what and you should certainly not do it in order to lose weight. Losing weight is achieved by burning off more calories than what you are getting from the food that you eat. But if you stop taking meals altogether, that would mean that your body is missing the nutrients that it needs to function normally. You could end up being weak and that might expose you to sickness.

3,500 Calories Equals a Pound

This is an equation that might be familiar to a lot of people who are interested in losing weight. They try to measure the food that they are not eating to see how much pounds they are set to lose. The problem is that for most of the time, people end up being disappointed. Why is that the case? The problem is that equation was based on a study that was conducted in the 1950s. Not only is the study and old and probably obsolete it also failed to consider the real life scenarios of people trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss and Weight Requires the Same Effort

Some people believe that weight loss is just weight gain in reverse. In other words, if you were able to gain weight then it should take about the equal amount of effort to lose it. Unfortunately, that is taking an overly optimistic view of the whole matter. Weight loss is a lot harder than adding on weight. You can gain weight while sitting on a couch, watching TV while munching on your favourite fatty snacks. You don’t lose weight by taking on the same amount of inactivity. If you want to lose weight you need to sweat for it.

Removing One Type of Food from the Diet

Then there is the belief that removing one type of food from the diet will result in a dramatic weight loss. Unfortunately, things are not that easy. What causes weight gain is an imbalance in the amount of calories that you eat and the amount that you burn because of your physical activity. Taking out one type of food might not have that much of an effect. This belief is not true even though many of the diets that are current right now is based on this idea and promotes it.