Anti Depression Kit

Are you prone to depressive spells? Take heart, you are in a good company of more than a dozen million other sufferers who guzzle down their Prozac pills to get them somehow through the day. The industry, and teachers’ alliance sees to it that American kids are kept on a leash whilst parents can happily wash their hands off without taking the trouble to analyze and understand their kids’ behavior. What is going on you might ask? Is that depressive tendency is spreading wider than ever? Or is it just a giant short cut with parenting taking toll on those willing to make the best of their lives without snotty brats taking away the precious time they have left? Anyway, things are in the state of fluid change, as always, technically speaking. Now someone might say medicating kids is so much better than using some aggressive tactics to calm them down as in those old good days, which does show the thinking behind the idea.

How Do We All Fare?

So what does depression get to do with any of that? Somehow the feeling of abandonment, an increasing alienation despite the facilities like Facebook and many other changes make it almost impossible for some to get by with no support. The times are overwhelming for thousands of thousands left behind despite the State’s best attempts and any logical solutions becomes muddled. In short, despite some serious gains in terms of women’s liberation and freedom of speech, much is left for improvement at every corner, as if the Hydra’s crawled out of its lair and grows more heads aka problems to solve have been even partially touched upon. Probably that would have to do with the human nature, if anything. An example to do with health should provide some food for thought, as it were. More Americans have forgotten the smoke in the early morning, but replaced that easy nerve smoothing quick fix with food abundance where additives, bulk buying and convenience play their biggest parts. Now what feels better to your palate if not a giant scoop of ice cream served daily after dinner? Do the most obese come from those richer layers of the society? It is an obvious observation that the rich remain slim, even if that is the effect of the peer pressure and the rat race for looks reiging. All for the better for them in terms of health at least. Now the scum of the earth with a less than average pay are just scraping by to dine with no wine at the Chinese diner, and you know, old and even recent habits die a slow death, once embedded in the nervous system. But hey, are those buddies with the six packs in their hand any depressed? Could that be that the food has replaced Prozac for the less affluent folks out there? Weekly psychiatrist visits could easily drain someone’s budget if they are not watching, so then the only food choice they have left to grab is that prepackaged stuff plenty others would not touch. Hey now the mix acquired taste takes on quite a different meaning if you are even thinking of breaking free from the recent pattern of salty, sweetened mix. If you have not taken after your predecessors from other countries, it could only mean you know no different and neither do your parents. In short the brains have been white washed. With success. The food, the great comforter, though maximally processed, wins your heart and kills it as well.